OIRAN Series New Product “COMBO ZERO”

The new product of OIRAN COMBO series “OIRAN COMBO-ZERO” will be on sale soon.

  • Product Name: OIRAN COMBO ZERO Red lens/Chrome
  • Product No.: OCZN-RC-01
  • Warranty: 1year
  • Meets Japanese road security standards.
  • Specification:24V
  • Dimension: Height 200mm/Width 500mm/Depth 114mm

・Easy install

Just replace a genuine triple tail lamp with this product.

・A Hyper Flash Canceller is built in.

No warry about hyper flash issue.
※Need a resistor separately for vehicles equipped with a burn-out warning lamp.

・The indicator lamp is switchable

between sequential and standard by changing a part of the wiring connection.

The product detail is here.