New arrival!  OIRAN “Byakuya-white nights” series.

New series “Byakuya-white nights” debut!
Product lineups are LED bulb and HID burner.

High-quality model established both brightness and durability!

Installing together with OIRAN tail lamps, a total coordination available!!

Start on sale at the end of April. Please check at OIRAN JAPAN official online shopping site for more details.

“Byakuya-white nights” series released from OIRAN JAPAN – a company specialized in high quality tail lights for trucks.

An innovative LED bulb established both super high brightness and cool design which have never seen before.

The brightness is marvelous by using high-luminance LED chips. This bulb will enhance the look of your vehicle.

Shape line-ups are T10, G18 and S25. Color line-ups are white, umber and red. Totally, 7 kinds of line-up.

■Marvelous brightness!

Using new generation high-luminance LED chips. Achieved superior brightness 300% higher than conventional products.

“Byakuya-white nights” series exhibits high brightness much more than genuine bulbs, and are highly recommended for users committed to brightness.

■Stylish look!

■designed for 24V

■Various product line-up.