Great numbers of LEDs make incomparable brilliance.

OIRAN Tail lights utilise high brightness LEDs, not only on brake and parker lamps but also on indicator and reverse lamps. High visibility and brilliance. We offer 1 year warranty against water leak and lighting faults(only valid in Japan).

Lends and bodies of tail lights are brought into contact by thermocompression bonding system.

OIRAN Tail lights feature not only the brilliance and cool looking but also its structure. Adopted thermocompression bonding system, and improved water seeping prevention and durably.

Able to install on many different vehicles!

High quality tail lights are available for custom design trucks as well. E-Mark Certified.

Well-selected production line.

As a result of pursuit of quality, we systematized the product development, production, quality control, distribution, packing and inspection. Our system is fully prepared so that truckers can use our products securely.

Safety inspection and packing system.

We handle precious products carefully and inspect them thoroughly before shipping to users. We select the packing materials and are trying to avoid the shipping accident.