High Quality LED Head and Fog Bulbs designed for trucks.


SENKOU series, which OIRAN brand offers, has two kinds.

Quality of light distribution is equivalent to genuine products, and the looking is also stylish and cool.

Product No.:OLD10-H4-62 (For both 12Vand24V )
OIRAN LED Head Senkou H4HiLo 6200K
※ 2 colors of films come together.

Product No.:OLD11-H3-60(For both 12V and 24V)

OIRAN LED Fog Senkou H3  2800K
Product No.:OLD12-H3-28(For both 12V and 24V)

Illuminated Pictures

・H3 Fog Bulb(6000K)

・H3 Fog Bulb(2800K)

Irradiation Pictures

・H4 Head bulb

・H3 Fog bulb

Easy install and All-in-One design.

LED driver is built in the main unit.
・H4 bulb is easy to install just by coupler connecting.

・H3 bulb shape is equivalent to genuine product, so the equivalent install working to the genuine products is available.

Meet Safety Standard

Has passed The truck standard “7G(JIS D1601)” of Vibration testing for automobile parts which is for testing durability.

Superior durability enough to use under severe environment by trucks.


6 months


Domestic 12V/24V Trucks

Meet safety standard

品番:OLD20-H4-62 (12V/24V 兼用)
花魁LEDヘッド閃光2 H4 6200K

≪ Irradiation image ≫

■ It is an LED head valve that improves brightness compared to the conventional model, reproduces genuine halogen valve distribution and combines a stylish appearance.
By optimizing the LED emission point to pursue brightness and increasing irradiation efficiency, the brightness when attached to the lamp and the light distribution of the genuine valve are realized.

■ Illuminate the road surface brightly. Achieve a total of 5000lm on both sides!
The LED chip was mounted on both sides of the board and the board was successfully made to the utmost limit. By optimizing the LED emission point
The brightness when attached to the lamp is realized.

■ Genuine light distribution performance!
By making the arrangement of the LED chip a light emitting point close to a genuine bulb, the light distribution equivalent to the genuine is reproduced.

■ Keep the brightness!
Copper with high thermal conductivity is used for the LED substrate, and the heat of the LED is reliably transmitted to the valve body by sandwiching it directly with the valve body.
The main body uses aluminum with high thermal conductivity, and the heat sink is integrated, and the electric fan is built-in to reliably release heat, stable and maintains brightness.

■ Easy to install
Since it is integrated with a screwdriver, it can be installed as a normal valve replacement.

■ Excellent durability
Passed the auto parts vibration test to test durability. It has a stable durability.

■ Lineup
・H4 Hi/Low color: 6200K lumen value (total on both sides): Hi 5000lm / Low 3500lm (2 pieces)

■ Compatible vehicles
Domestic 12V/24V Truck Safety Standards Compliant

6-month warranty

≪ fan cooling image ≫

≪ dimensional drawing ≫

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    The brightest down-road halogn headlight


    Bright&white LED headlights!