OIRAN custom-madenumberframe

Totally original license plate frame

We can cut out your license plate frame with characters you like and show them instead of our traditional “花魁“characters.
Cutting out with any word up to 4 characters.
Our original license plate frame can be used for a long time by moving it from a truck to another.

This word is a sample.

Made in Japan product

Your license plate frame is totally custom-made.
We can cut out your number frame with the characters you like and show them instead of our traditional “花魁” characters.

大型・3文字・ブルー の場合

Enhance by LED color chips

When the light is illuminated, logo emerges dazzlingly by colored luminous and have an overwhelming presence.
Using OIRAN Side Marker for Interior lighting makes high durability.
You can customize to your favorite color by changing color chips.

Sparkling Logo design

Using crystal-cut lens to the catted-out part, the whole of logo sparkles with elegance.
Even when the light is not illuminated, it keep sparkling.

Color lineup image


This product is all Hand-made, so please inform that sometimes there may be more or less scratches.

Two sizes and Five colors

You are able to choose the size and the color out of five colors as below;
Size: H365mm W587mm D50mm / H315mm W479mm D50mm
LED Color chip: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and White

Cutting out with any word

Cutting out with any word up to 4 characters.
Please note there may be times when we will not be able to form some words in response to your order.


Stainless steel


For medium size:Height【Approx. 315㎜】 Width【Approx. 479㎜】 Depth【Approx. 50㎜】
For large size:Height【Approx. 365㎜】 Width【Approx. 587㎜】 Depth【Approx. 50㎜】


24V specification

Warranty (For use in Japan only)

This product is not covered by the warranty. Please note we do not offer refund or replacement.
This original number frame is totally custom-made. Please note that it may have some scratches.


・These are built-to-order products. Therefore, it takes about 20 business days from your order to the arrival.
・Product image for illustration purposes only.
・We do not change the design of the frame body.
・We can only cut some words you want out of the frame.
・Please note that we may not be able to meet your request in case it includes any word which is related to copyright or socially unacceptable.