A new line from OIRAN COMBO SERIES has been launched.

All in one impressive tail light including small, brake, indicator and reverse light. Small, brake, indicator and reverse light are included in all-in-one light. Sequential indicator (light flowing seamlessly) is adopted.

Impressive size for large vehicle!

The expanded size creates improved visibility and safety compared to the Japanese genuine tail light.

Red lens/Chrome

Product No: OCSN-RC-M1

High luminance 240 LED and 16 LED bar!

Stylish LED bars provide fantastic illumination.
Extremely bright LED is installed in every function; small, brake, indicator and reverse.
Brightness of the reverse light is 130% of genuine products.
Extra illumination will provide high visibility when you back up the truck.

Built in canceller to avoid the hyper flash issues.

A resistor which is sold separately is necessary for vehicles equipped with a burn-out warning light.
Product# OERO-V2, OIRAN resistor kit for small and brake, right and left set (sold separately)
lighting images (For Driver’s seat)
Red Lens lighting

Small light illuminated

Indicator illuminated

Brake light illuminated

Reverse light illuminated

Conformed to safety standard

Sequential indicator (light flowing seamlessly) is adopted.

Our sequential indicator has been compliant with Japanese safety standards due to the law amendment.
Your standard indicator can be changed to a sequential indicator by changing the wiring.

Your standard indicator can be changed to a sequential indicator by changing the wiring.


Width: 613mm Height 217mm Depth 102mm

【Spec】Conform to MITSUBISHI FUSO ESS vehicles

Conformed to safety standard

Conformed to safety standard
This product has obtained the E-Mark as the safety standard compliant product.

What is an E-Mark?

An E-Mark is based on EU directive and is a global standard safety certification mark which the European Commission requires. An E-Mark logo is stamped on the products which meet ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) regulation. This is a worldwide quality standard certification.
Normally, Japanese aftermarket parts which are sold worldwide necessarily have this certificate.

Depending on the number of installed products, installation position, and installation method, the vehicle may not pass the inspection, so please check with the store, dealer or installation factory where you purchased the product.


The lens and the body are bonded by Thermo-compression. This method prevents any moisture from seeping into a tail light and improve its durability.


This tail light is covered by one year warranty. It is limited to products with defectives such as lighting defects or water leaking. Please note this warranty is only for use in Japan.