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Easy to install and replace a 2-lamp factory taillight. 

Features a 3-color lineup with built-in hyperflash resistors and sequential turn signal ON/OFF function for your added convenience.


  • Red Lens       Product No. : OCSN-RC-S2SEA       (Driver's Side)
  • Clear lens      Product No. : OCSN-CC-S2SEA       (Driver's Side)
  • Clear lens with red bars      Product No. : OCSN-CCR-S2SEA       (Driver's Side)

Installation image

Lighting Image

  • Turn Signal Light (clear lens with red bars)
  • Sequential turn signal(clear lens with red bars)
  • Brake light (clear lens with red bars)
  • Running light (clear lens with red bars)
  • Reverse light (clear lens with red bars)
  • All lights (clear lens with red bars)


Starting & Ending Action (SEA)
(Optional Feature)

SEA is a feature commonly found in European vehicles' taillights where connecting the included optional harness allows the taillight to perform a dynamic lighting action upon starting and stopping the engine.

*Continuous power source and ignition power connection are required to activate this function.
*Note: The Starting & Ending Action function should not be used on public roads as it may be deemed noncompliant with safety standards by road authorities.



333mm (W) x 189mm (H) x 114mm (D)


We secure products from water leakage by adopting the same thermo-compression bonding method applied in Japanese factory taillights.

With improved durability, products can be safely installed in trucks working in harsh environments.

Conforms to safety standards

This product complies with safety standards.

* Product is not equipped with a reflector. Please attach a reflector separately.

ECE Certification

Once a product passes various tests and acquires the global standard “ECE Certification”, the E-mark is engraved into the product.

All our Oiran taillights are safety-compliant products and E-marked as our products are ECE certified and comply with safety standards.

ECE Certification

Applies to all colors

Feature Code Certification No.
Turn signal light E9-24063 E9-6R01-29-24063
Reverse light   E9-23R00-22-24063
Taillight/brake light   E9-7R02-27-24063
For 24V and 12V vehicles


Product №. JAN
OCSN-RC-S2SEA 4589888756064
OCSN-CC-S2SEA 4589888756071
OCSN-CCR-S2SEA 4589888756088

This product may activate the bulb out warning light depending on the truck model. To prevent this, you may need to install 4-resistor kits (OERO-V2 for 24V vehicles and OERO-V3 for 12V vehicles) which are sold separately.  

* Depending on the number of units installed, position and installation method, Oiran products may not comply with road safety regulations. Please check with your dealer or mechanic if you are unsure. 

Compatibility with Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) System

By attaching the enclosed special connector, indicators switch to standard flashing when hazard lights are activated, making it compatible with ESS System.