“OIRAN 3D DECO DECAL” New Arrival!

OIRAN 3D DECO DECAL” new release! Various kinds will be coming. Look out for it!

New generation Decal has an overwhelming presence. It is 3D image, and can show a great presence boldly. Finished with higher-class chrome plating, and can make your vehicle dressed-up easily.

“Material’s Flexibility makes Idea’s Flexibility”. By using Flexible material, you can put Decals not only onto vehicle body but also onto curved and plated wheels & corner panels. Enjoy your original decollation by your free idea and taste.

OIRAN 3D DECO DECAL Product Name/Product No.
OIRAN Logo Small・2sheets in 1set/ODD-OS
Leaf -Pattern Large/ODD-LL
Leaf-Pattern Small・2sheets in 1ser/ODD-LS
Maximum-Carrying-Capacity・Digital letters/ODD-KG
Over 20 ton・round shape /ODD-OV

※We will accept your order from 17 September 2019
※We will start shipping from 25 September 2019
※How to order:FAX